The future of computing continues to migrate toward a distributed processing model that allows access from any device, company- or employee-owned, from any location to the organization’s information resources. Having fixed office locations for employees is becoming less common each year.

Today, work goes to the employee, not vice versa. This relentless market force presents organizations with significant challenges in security, privacy, bandwidth, and managing capacity across an evolving infrastructure.

Every enterprise now faces the realities of having a mobile workforce who expect 24×7 mobile access to the network. Organizations must be prepared to support a robust mobile strategy that meets its evolving operational demands. There are planning, technology assessment, governance, engineering, and operations and maintenance requirements that are necessary elements for having a successful mobile workforce capability.

CRGT recognizes that each organization has different mobile computing needs from technology assessments to proof-of-concept prototypes to enterprise-wide implementations. Plus, mobility implementations usually require fundamental changes to the organizations’ underlying application systems.

CRGT’s Mobility Services Framework provides a foundation, roadmap and management plan designed to get your mobile strategy up-to-speed quickly – and flexible enough to grow as your needs evolve. And they will definitely evolve, as employees learn to use new mobility applications and tools. We apply User Experience (UX) best practices to provide highly usable and effective web sites.

We assist our customers in understanding the opportunities mobile computing presents, and identifying business applicability across the enterprise. CRGT provides insights for establishing a governance framework that ensures mobility technologies are consistent with your organization’s policies, directives, and security.