Cyber Security


CRGT organizes Cyber Security into several component disciplines: Defense, Operations (Attack and Exploitation), Intelligence, Training, Engineering and Wireless Security. By organizing our Cyber Security practice into these six disciplines, we ensure that we offer an effective and thorough approach to our customers’ Cyber Security needs.

A well-rounded approach provides increased cross training and career advancement opportunities for our staff. Having staff with multiple areas of expertise allows CRGT to better address Cyber Security challenges in complex operating environments. Our customers reap the benefits of having a comprehensive methodology that addresses evolving threats, mitigation, training needs, and system architecture challenges in today’s complicated computer and network environments.

CRGT’s approach and philosophy emphasizes Customer Relationships, Leadership, Evidence of Success, Adaptability, and Resources (C.L.E.A.R.). CRGT’s C.L.E.A.R. Methodology for Cyber Security is founded on the premise that mission security and mission success cannot be decoupled, and must be complementary. Our Cyber Security Engineers and Analysts focus on providing efficient, innovative, cost effective, and undeniably secure security architectures to our customers while ensuring mission success.

Whether training our nation’s next generation of technology leaders, maintaining and operating global satellite systems, managing millions of documents, or defending our nation’s assets from an advanced persistent threat of cyber attack, CRGT ensures the mission is successful and secure.